A dozen red roses will die, but real romance lives on

What is romance, seriously?  Okay, so technically it’s considered a love affair between two people. Well if that’s the case, then when someone says, “the romance has died” does that mean the relationship is over?

Or more to the point, is it that the newness has worn off and now the day to day isn’t as exciting as it once was.  So what do you do when faced with this predicament? MMMM Let us see, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
If last week the thought that you were coming home to a nice dinner after work was sweet and romantic, guess what? It still is….Though today you’re beginning to take for granted the things that made you smile at the start of your relationship.

I have been married for 6 years and I can say it’s better today than it was back at day one.  Why you may ask? Its relatively simple: I don’t overlook what is done to make my day nicer by my husband and I try to do things to make his day better in return.

For instance, I get up for work in the morning and before I have finished my shower, he has made coffee and poured it for me, breakfast is started and he is there to kiss me hello… When I get home from work, dinner is on the table, the dishes are done and we eat as a family.

To me this is the stuff of real and sustained romance. Little things– done for you because your partner loves you enough to care about your needs.  When my husband was still active duty I would get up with him as he left for pt to get breakfast started, lay out his uniform and make sure when he woke up his coffee was ready.

My husband told me while we were dating “don’t expect to get flowers from me.” I asked him why and he said “because it’s an admission of guilt or it means I am in the dog house.”
Guess what? To this day I have received flowers from my husband three times and each of those times were cause he was on my list.  Though honestly I don’t find flowers to be romantic, they are pretty yes, but why is it that people see flowers as a romantic gift?  They smell great for a few days and then they DIE!!!  How is that romantic?

This summer my husband looked at me and said lets go camping…. WOW!! I was floored not because he wanted to do something I love but because he wanted to do it.  He spent 25 years in the military and would always tell me camping is not fun, it’s work.  So there we were sitting around the campfire after putting the kids to bed just looking up at the stars and talking… Well let me tell you, that was one spectacular night, and to me, it was very romantic.
Since everyone’s ideas of romance and being romantic differ I figured that sharing mine might help someone who is struggling to see that to cultivate real, lasting romance, the acts must be daily and recognized by each partner in the relationship. So, the next time you think, “the romance has died,” open your eyes a little wider and take the time to notice what someone else is doing for you.

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