Today’s sex toys give a new meaning to the traditional definition of “toy box”

Lets talk about sex baby! Ha ha had you going now didn’t I? Anyway, lets talk about sex toys… And, of course, because it is me writing this, we’ll talk about all my favorites!

The toy that is currently at the top of my list is actually a personal massager called “The New Pocket Rocket” by Doc Johnson. It is no more than 5 inches long and not meant for penetration… but this little thing is extremely powerful, not to mention very quiet. Its a great toy to use right before you are about to orgasm because of the power it has… it intensifies the big O like no other I have ever used. Now, on the down side, the rocket has only one speed and that’s fast. Of course, our bodies have many different speeds, so for other needs and other times I use other toys.

Number two on the list is actually a basic vibrator called “Sparkles Softee G.” It’s a slender vibrator that has three speeds, slow, medium and fast. I love this one because it has some texture to it, so if it’s used for penetration the soft nubs on the shaft of the vibrator feel great. In certain positions I’ve found the multiple speeds helps bring on an awesome orgasm. The other great thing about this particular vibrator is the control is at the bottom of the base – a button and not a dial. This makes for easier adjustment.

Now I am not sure if these next few items fall into the toy category, they are more aptly described as enhancements. However, I absolutely adore them and, they are very fun!

The first is a warming lube called, “Sin Sensations.” It comes in many great tasting flavors, and when I say great, I mean that the lube actually tastes like a jolly rancher with no icky after-taste. Awesome! It never gets sticky and, it is inexpensive! The first time I used it I found myself chasing my husband around the house… it works GREAT!

Next up is “Go Deep Oral Sex Mints.” They work wonderfully as well, numbing the back of the mouth / throat just enough so that if you are endowed with a super gag-reflex you can actually deep-throat comfortably. The product doesn’t numb completely, so you still get to feel… producing a great blowjob. You can also keep the mints in your mouth while giving a blowjob… when they cum, the refreshing, Altoid-like taste helps to mask the salty fluids.

Finally, my last favorite thing is called “Nympo’s Desire.” Its an enhancement cream for women… a good thing in general. And, all it takes is a little to the clitoris area and the blood starts rushing up, throbbing begins and WOW, you’re ready to rock and roll! Get ready for an exciting evening.

I regularly use and trust all of the products I have mentioned above. I love them all! Just remember, sex is meant to be fun. Do what works for you. Enjoy yourself, because, really, that is all that matters.



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