A few of my favorite things

I could go on and on and on and ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn about my “three” favorite things in the shop. For example, I could pick three favorites in lingerie, toys, lubes, videos, hoiser alike…. You can imagine how long that list would be!

However; if I had to pick just three things to make my world go ’round, they would be:

1. The new line from Booty Parlour
Everything in this line rocks. The lip gloss/plumper looks and feels amazing; the lube lasts forever; the sparkle powder absolutely makes you glow. But the thing I love most from this line is the “Flirty Little Secret” firming bronzer with pheremones. This product combines my all-time favorite things in the whole wide earth: it has pheremones (dunno about you, but in my experience, people are more interested when I have pheremones on); bronzer, (it ROCKS because it doesn’t streak or look orange AT ALL… I know, no one ever believes me…I have to rub it on them for them to get it!); sparkles, (they attract light and make your skin GLOW); lotion, it feels Grrrrreat!, and it’s a firming cream. It firms your skin, makes it glow, AND you look more tanned WHILE being moisturized. This is my absolute favorite thing that I put on every day. Pick some up. PRONTO! (If you doubt me, please use our testers in the store! I use them every day… and I’m pretty sure that my boss will get angry if I’m the only one that uses them all up… so get in here and try them.)

2. I’m also lovin’ the “Tasty Twist Oral-gasm enhancer balm” in butter cream icing. It tastes like cream frosting but with a tang of mint. Mmmmm. And it feels amazing on your clit. Sometimes I use lube, but other times I just apply a dab of this cream and not only do I love the taste, but I immediately self-lube without doing anything else. If nothing else, it’s like the lazy person’s “automatic turn-on” cream (it also really enhances the experience for two or more– and is formulated for use on the penis, too). The product claims to intensify orgasms– and in my experience, it not only speeds up the rate at which I can orgasm, but does pack a punch to intensity. Try it alone or with friends. πŸ™‚

3. The final highly-reccommended item (nope, sorry; porn didn’t quite make this list… but look for Pirates 2 coming out SOON! πŸ˜‰
It is actually a book, yes, I am a nerd at heart. “SM 101“.

My boss recommended that I read this book, and now I know why. It is an AMAZING aand versatile book. It explains the complexities of the sado-massachism lifestyle or sexual preference not as a torture but as something both partners should enjoy. It’s a great introduction for the curious, a good refresher for the experienced, and a fun discussion starter among newbies. The book talks about respect and boundaries a lot, and really emphasizes the importance of trust and safety. (And if you ever want to try anything out, we have a lot of different gear… from cat-o-nines to crops to blindfolds to cuffs to bed straps and nipple clamps. Just ask what we recommend to use.)
… these are just a few of my favorite things. If you’re ever interested in a different kind of item, just ask any of us in the store what we think is the best.Β  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!



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