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Sex Toy 101 (No Nudity)



Sex Toy 101

Are you baffled by sexy toy stores? It’s daunting task to walk into your local toy shop and get advice on what toy will work best for you. Va Va Voom helps to debunk myths and educates you on the plethora of sensual options found in your local shop. In this class you will learn:

•Your Mental State
•Vibrator 101
•Boy’s Toys
•The Forbidden Zone
•Keeping Well Lubricated
•Love me, beat me
•Safety, Safety, Safety

The Va Va Voom staff will tech you how to enjoy your sex life, with or without a partner. 

Note: Presentation includes Lecture, Live Demonstrations and Q&A.

NO Nudity. Must be 21 to attend. Partners preferred. There is No Charge for this class, but you will need to call and RSVP. You will receive 20% DISCOUNT after the event. There is no cost for this event. 208-322-6035.

Book a Flirt Party Today!

Book your Flirt Parties Today

Book your Flirt Parties Today

Va Va Voom’s retail stores in Idaho and Nevada, were developed to cater to women in a sex positive atmosphere. Often Women find it difficult to talk with people about their sensuality in a public forum. Now with Va Va Voom Flirt parties, you can be a Va Va Voom Flirt Party Host and get answers to your questions from our trained Flirt Party Adviser.

The party host can invite our Advisers to their parties who in turn can give educative presentation on sexuality. The Advisers will help you to know about the sensual products from Va Va Voom that will help you in improving your relations with your partner.

Flirt Party are great for a girl’s night out or Bachelorette parties. Our advisors will teach you the basics about the many different sex toys & sensual products that Va Va Voom carries.

As a Va Va Voom party host, you will receive 15% of your total party sales to be used online or in the Va Va Voom retail stores. Plus you will receive a bonus gift1. The products that are offered at the Va Va Voom home party includes Vibrators, Lubricants, Massage Oils, Educational Videos & more…

Hostess’ that book parties before May 31st, 2009 will receive 15% of total party bookings in Va Va Voom products. Booking parties after June 1st, 2009 hostess will receive 10%.

To Book a Va Va Voom Flirt party today call 866-619-2658 x84. A Va Va Voom Flirt Party Advisor will book your next party.

Porn Store Etiquette – A guide for the mis-guided

After owing a Lingerie/Adult store for almost 8 years and working in one for 5 more, I think that I’ve seen it all. Retail can be a rewarding experience but once in great while you get people in who need a real lesson in etiquette. Seriously, I want to know who raised these people? These people don’t know how to act in public and need some lessons on how not to be a prick in your local Adult store.

I decided to take a poll from the employees and find out what is their biggest pet peeves. Interestingly enough, there are a number of behaviors that creeped out, freaked and grossed each one of the employees.

Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a lesson in Porn-shop Etiquette.

  1. Your Sexual Tryst Invitation: Come on. Do you know how many perverts come into adult stores and invite the employees to go out and have a roll in the hay with them. Do you think that your invitation is original? Get a life. Just because we work in an adult store doesn’t mean that we’ll put out for you. Although, we may be slutty, We’re not going to do the horizontal mabo with you. If you use the local Porn-shop as a pickup joint, you are probably an anti-social, stinky pervert. We love you as a customer, we’re just not in love with you. If you’re not, we’re not interested in your swapping, threesome or other fucked up fantasy of us hooking up.
  2. Hygiene. Take a fucking bath. Enough said.
  3. Have you seen this porn? I bet that I wouldn’t have to work at a porn shop if I got a dollar every time some person asked me that question. I don’t want to be rude, but did you know that the porn industry releases over 10,000 DVD titles a year. If you can do the simple math you’d see that I don’t have time to watch every single porn.  The average porn runs about 90 minutes. This means that I would have to watch 900000 minutes of porn to possibly see the exact DVD that you are eying. Chances are I didn’t want to spend 1.7 years of my life to become your personal porno reviewer. If you like the pictures on the cover of people fucking, you’ll probably like the porn.
  4. How about watching this porn with me? EWWWWWWWWW. Come on, why would I actually take the time out of my life to watch that porn with you. You most likely gross, desperate and don’t have a life. Do you think that I want to join your frap party with you and your friends? I don’t think so. Don’t invite me, don’t even think about it. It’s not going to happen. Ever.
  5. Strippers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go postal on a stripper. If you are a stripper, I’ll give you a discount. Just be courteous. We work in the adult entertainment industry also. We are here to serve you. Don’t come in cracked out and expect us to give a shit.
  6. Are you the old dude who look at EVERY porn? Come on, don’t be the weird old man who doesn’t say two words to us. You just head straight to the porn section, pick up and study each and every DVD on both sides and then a few hours late, leave the store in a rush. We run a business not a charity frap fantasy. If you got your rocks off for few hours, buy some lubricant. It will save you the chafing. Please leave before you use the lubricant. Please.
  7. Staring at my breasts: Now I understand that it’s in the male psyche to stare at the closest pair of breasts. I even understand that it can be a good joke. Don’t walk in and start at the poor sales girl’s breast. WTF Moment: Walking up to me and staring at my cleavage without saying two words. It’s rude and gross. We think that you’re just a creepy old pervert.  My eyes are about 12 inches higher. Have some fucking respect and talk to me like I’m a human, not a character in your siko fantasy.
  8. Don’t cop an attitude when I ask you for ID. Take it as a complement. I am just doing my part to help the fascist government keep people under 18 out of the porn store. Be flattered that you don’t look old. I’d love to see pornographic websites get the same flack as we do.
  9. How many masturbators can you break? Dude, seriously, spend the money at a bar trying to get laid. It’s probably cheaper and will not gross us out so bad. We don’t give a shit about the size of your member. There are hundreds of penises on our walls. We don’t care about yours.
  10. Fucking in the dressing room. I wouldn’t come into your place of work and fuck on your desk. How about having some respect for the store. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve busted trying to get it on at the porn store. Think about this, you probably are not the first couple in the world trying to get their kink on in the dressing room. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk. By the way, FUCK You Cosmopolitan magazine for giving couples the idea in the firs place. Take your lingerie home and go fuck each other privately.

Don’t get me wrong. We love you as our customer. I want to see you return to the store as often as you want. Just don’t be the freaked out creepy customer that no one wants to deal with. Don’t make me have to throw your ass out for not having any porn store etiquette.

Jason Vance

Advice for the first-time vibrator buyer

Fact: Vibrators can help intensify anal, g-spot and clitoral orgasms (or any combination of these). Women use vibrators for a number of reasons, both to intensify sexual stimulation and to “find” certain pleasure-spots in their body. Whatever your reason for seeking a vibrator, please consider the different makes and models available- as all vibrators are designed for different uses. Of course, Va Va Voom is a great place to get advice- employees are friendly and full information to help you find the vibrator that fits your needs and body best. The more you know what you’re looking for, the better fit we can help you find. 🙂

A first time user does not want to choose the biggest possible dildo out there. Work your way up to that if you decide big is what you like; but for now, start at base size. Obviously, I am sitting at a computer and you are reading this in front of one, meaning I cannot ask you questions, but all of the following is important to consider when choosing a vibrator. For example, I cannot tell your age (some women are still living in their family homes and are seeking a quiet vibe they want to use alone, others are in their 50th year of marriage and don’t want to scare their husband); your experience (do you play with your girlfriend on a regular basis? You may be used to certain levels of penetration others may not be used to); or your sexual preference (do you both want to use it? Not recommended unless the vibrator is designed for two at once!). So please, consider these factors for yourself as we work through this process. Like all things, sexuality is flexible; it changes, diversifies, and is a PROCESS. Love it.

Another important question: What turns you on? Clitoral stimulation or deep (g-spot) stimulation? Anal stimulation? (Be careful when playing anally– always wash your hands and never play with anything else at the same time!) Have you tried any of these methods? Have you tried combining these methods? Vibrators are great for exploring how your pleasure-centers can be stimulated.  How about your vagina? How is it shaped? Everyone’s vagina is placed at a different angle in relation to the body. This means every vagina is different! Does it feel full with two fingers, one, or three? If you’ve decided that you must, must, must get a vibrator, it’s good to know how big you want it. Your first vibrator should be a comfortable size for your vagina. If this is your first vibrator, exploring enough to find out what you want can be really exciting!  Keep in mind that there are a lot of buttons and whistles and bells– but something basic can be a great introduction.

Stimulation for women can be better achieved through the circumference (that’s the “width” for those of us not recently in geometry) of the vibrator, not the length. There are one-foot-plus vibrators out there: these are usually for professionals or shows. For your first vibrator, stay away. Many g-spot vibrators are made longer so that the curve of the toy hits the right spot (about two inches on the inside top of your vagina– belly side).  What kind pleasure you seek will greatly influence the type of vibrator you wish to try. My recommendation: do not try to use a glass vibrator for your first experience. Glass can be an acquired taste and is sometimes too smooth and hard for first-time users.

Generally, a first-time vibrator buyer would probably enjoy a starter kit: Including a small-to-medium sized vibrator with a very simple jelly design so that there is stimulation, but not too much. The jelly vibrator is probably the most comfortable available. Oh the other hand, are vibrators made of the hard, plastic or glass, these just may not be flexible enough. My first vibrator came with a bit of a pointed and less-rounded head so it was easier to insert and felt more comfortable to begin using. I highly recommend this. A less-blunt headed toy actually feels gentle to use; so the size is less scary and much easier to adjust to.

Many women, if not all women, must adjust to the feel of a vibrator or anything inserted into their vagina (remember the first time you used a tampon?). However, this does NOT mean that a vibrator should ever, and I mean E-V-E-R hurt. If the vibrator you purchased hurts, DO NOT USE IT. That is definitely not the point of purchasing such a toy. If you discover that your toy just doesn’t fit you, try to find out why. Is it too curved? Too big? Blunt? This will help you make future decisions. Last but not least, please remember that you must use lubrication. If there is not enough lubrication (natural, silicone, or water-based), a vibrator will never feel good.

Purchase lube specifically designed for your toy, and, most importantly, your body. There are unscented, hygienic water-based lubes for those sensitive to silicone and perfumes or dyes (if you’re buying lube that you want to use with a toy, make sure that it is compatible– some silicone lubes and silicone toys SHOULD NOT be mixed– know your toy). There are lubes that come in every flavor and aroma if you’d like to taste and smell what you’re using and feeling. Sometimes it’s great to smell fruity or like a chocolate chip cookie, or to lick frosting-flavored fingers after you orgasm. The more senses you build up and use to achieve orgasm, the more intense it may be. And, I’m assuming that, besides reaching an orgasm with the use of a vibrator, you’d also like to reach an even better orgasm, or at least an amazing orgasm, every time you use your toy.

Vibrators can be used clitorally as well as inside the body. And any time you play with your clit, please remember that lube is key. You cannot get enough lube! Either work yourself up really well so that you can naturally dip and lubricate your clit, or use a water- or silicone-based lube. Oils can cause infection and are very un-hygienic. So please, don’t use that butter or baby oil– your vagina will thank you many times over.

A vibrator can be lightly-to-roughly applied to the clitoris to cause hella-intense orgasms. Some women prefer a vibrator with a rabbit/clitoral stimulator built-in so that both g-spot and clitoral orgasms can be intensified or achieved at once. If you’re pretty used to playing with your clit, you may want to start with a regular, basic vibe because you can use it internally or externally. If you like to feel full when playing with your clit, a basic starter vibrator can do very well even without the rabbit/clit stimulator.

If you’re picking a vibrator for better g-spot stimulation, there are g-spot specific vibrators with a “crook” or bend in the neck/shaft of the toy. Some toys literally flop around and vibrate. There are also pearl-drivers (with beads inside the “neck” of the toy to cause more stimulation). I could really go on forever describing the thousands of different toys, but just know– there are toys created for your specific wants.

Reminder: all you have to do is ask. If you don’t know what you want, we can help you figure out what you may enjoy best.

The final helpful tip for the first-time vibrator buyer: Please, please, please, PLEASE do NOT pick your first vibrator by color. If you like pink or purple or aquamarine; that’s fine. Picking this type of pleasure toy by color is a huge mistake (but once you know what you like, you can start your orange dildo collection :).

You want something that will do the job, do the job well, do the job differently when you like, and won’t die or short-circuit after two uses. Come in to see what vibrators we recommend– remember, we have to make sure every one of those babies works before we put it in the store, so we usually know the intensity and feel of just about anything Va Va Voom has in-stock. We also tend to know what brands make the best, longest-lasting and better-quality toys (packaging is not always everything– and in this case, that’s the rule, not the exception). But of course, you want to know how it will work as well. If you’re curious, just ask! We can take the toy out of packaging for you and run the toy so you know how it will work.

Explore. Learn what you want. Then tell us how we can help. Good luck and have a humming good time! (Cheesy, I am aware).


Conservative Sex Education

Now that the vilification of Sarah Palin has died down from the barrage of a useless US media, I thought that I would comment on the real issue in her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy. I had to sit back and figure out what I would have done if I were in that same situation. My conclusion? The new Republican VP pick is an embarrassment to Republicans; however, she is not an embarrassment to parents.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I actually have a daughter that is not much younger than Bristol Palin. She is at that age where her hormones are raging and doesn’t quite understand her emotions or the emotional impact of having a sexual experience at a young age.

I’ve lived in both the most liberal area of the United States and in one of the most conservative areas of the United States. Guess what I’ve come to understand? Abstinence education doesn’t work. You can’t stick your head in the sand and expect that your children will just get it. The “No See Evil” conservative approach never works. It’s time for all parents to become proactive about their children’s sex education.

Please don’t leave such an important topic to the government to dictate.

It’s time for parents to step up and educate their children at a younger age. My first talk with my daughter about sexuality was at 5 years old. At the time, it was an age-appropriate response. Words were used that she could understand. She understood on a very simple level that people express their love together. By far from graphical, it started our dialog that has evolved over the years.

I typically take the time to have a talk with her about every six months as she matures to a beautiful woman. Each time I tell her I need to have a talk with her about sex, she gives me the teenage daughter eye roll with a, “Oh my gosh dad, again?”

Our discussion has ranged from “what do boys want” to, “what it means to become a parent at such a young age” (her childhood is over), to, “what contraceptive options that she has.”

As Bristol Palin’s pregnancy became an Issue, I formulated an idea of what myself and her mother should discuss with my daughter. While I would prefer that she never have sex, I realize that that’s not an option. I remember how I was at that age.

I decided to approach her from the side of contraception. In a nutshell, I think the best approach is to have my daughter understand that if and when she decides to have sex, she needs to be covered by more than one type of contraception. Basically, I want to see her on the Pill as well as have an understanding with her that under NO circumstance should she EVER have sex without using a condom. This is not only to protect her from getting pregnant, but it takes a step further to protect her from sexually transmitted diseases.

Understanding that we’re living in a fairly conservative area, I went so far as to make sure that I have condoms in my home that are readily available to her and her friends. These condoms also contain spermicide, for added protection.

I find it sad that in areas in which a conservative Republican mindset is the norm, children are not taught about sex from the people they trust, or should trust most, their parents. Instead, this important part of maturing into an adult is left to the State and to God to make sure that they don’t have little icky grandchildren running around. It has been proven OVER and OVER again that ignoring an issue doesn’t make it go away.

It’s embarrassing for conservatives that John McCain would pick someone as the VP who has pregnant unmarried teenage daughter. But it would be far more embarrassing (and ironic) if a Lingerie/Adult storeowner’s daughter were pregnant…  What with all of the available contraception at their fingertips! Many unwanted pregnancies could be prevented in our country if adults were willing to take advantage of tools and technology and combine those with good, age-appropriate healthy education. That is true care, love and respect for our children and their bodies and minds.

Jason Vance

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