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A few of my favorite things

I could go on and on and on and ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn about my “three” favorite things in the shop. For example, I could pick three favorites in lingerie, toys, lubes, videos, hoiser alike…. You can imagine how long that list would be!

However; if I had to pick just three things to make my world go ’round, they would be:

1. The new line from Booty Parlour
Everything in this line rocks. The lip gloss/plumper looks and feels amazing; the lube lasts forever; the sparkle powder absolutely makes you glow. But the thing I love most from this line is the “Flirty Little Secret” firming bronzer with pheremones. This product combines my all-time favorite things in the whole wide earth: it has pheremones (dunno about you, but in my experience, people are more interested when I have pheremones on); bronzer, (it ROCKS because it doesn’t streak or look orange AT ALL… I know, no one ever believes me…I have to rub it on them for them to get it!); sparkles, (they attract light and make your skin GLOW); lotion, it feels Grrrrreat!, and it’s a firming cream. It firms your skin, makes it glow, AND you look more tanned WHILE being moisturized. This is my absolute favorite thing that I put on every day. Pick some up. PRONTO! (If you doubt me, please use our testers in the store! I use them every day… and I’m pretty sure that my boss will get angry if I’m the only one that uses them all up… so get in here and try them.)

2. I’m also lovin’ the “Tasty Twist Oral-gasm enhancer balm” in butter cream icing. It tastes like cream frosting but with a tang of mint. Mmmmm. And it feels amazing on your clit. Sometimes I use lube, but other times I just apply a dab of this cream and not only do I love the taste, but I immediately self-lube without doing anything else. If nothing else, it’s like the lazy person’s “automatic turn-on” cream (it also really enhances the experience for two or more– and is formulated for use on the penis, too). The product claims to intensify orgasms– and in my experience, it not only speeds up the rate at which I can orgasm, but does pack a punch to intensity. Try it alone or with friends. 🙂

3. The final highly-reccommended item (nope, sorry; porn didn’t quite make this list… but look for Pirates 2 coming out SOON! 😉
It is actually a book, yes, I am a nerd at heart. “SM 101“.

My boss recommended that I read this book, and now I know why. It is an AMAZING aand versatile book. It explains the complexities of the sado-massachism lifestyle or sexual preference not as a torture but as something both partners should enjoy. It’s a great introduction for the curious, a good refresher for the experienced, and a fun discussion starter among newbies. The book talks about respect and boundaries a lot, and really emphasizes the importance of trust and safety. (And if you ever want to try anything out, we have a lot of different gear… from cat-o-nines to crops to blindfolds to cuffs to bed straps and nipple clamps. Just ask what we recommend to use.)
… these are just a few of my favorite things. If you’re ever interested in a different kind of item, just ask any of us in the store what we think is the best.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!



Advice for the first-time vibrator buyer

Fact: Vibrators can help intensify anal, g-spot and clitoral orgasms (or any combination of these). Women use vibrators for a number of reasons, both to intensify sexual stimulation and to “find” certain pleasure-spots in their body. Whatever your reason for seeking a vibrator, please consider the different makes and models available- as all vibrators are designed for different uses. Of course, Va Va Voom is a great place to get advice- employees are friendly and full information to help you find the vibrator that fits your needs and body best. The more you know what you’re looking for, the better fit we can help you find. 🙂

A first time user does not want to choose the biggest possible dildo out there. Work your way up to that if you decide big is what you like; but for now, start at base size. Obviously, I am sitting at a computer and you are reading this in front of one, meaning I cannot ask you questions, but all of the following is important to consider when choosing a vibrator. For example, I cannot tell your age (some women are still living in their family homes and are seeking a quiet vibe they want to use alone, others are in their 50th year of marriage and don’t want to scare their husband); your experience (do you play with your girlfriend on a regular basis? You may be used to certain levels of penetration others may not be used to); or your sexual preference (do you both want to use it? Not recommended unless the vibrator is designed for two at once!). So please, consider these factors for yourself as we work through this process. Like all things, sexuality is flexible; it changes, diversifies, and is a PROCESS. Love it.

Another important question: What turns you on? Clitoral stimulation or deep (g-spot) stimulation? Anal stimulation? (Be careful when playing anally– always wash your hands and never play with anything else at the same time!) Have you tried any of these methods? Have you tried combining these methods? Vibrators are great for exploring how your pleasure-centers can be stimulated.  How about your vagina? How is it shaped? Everyone’s vagina is placed at a different angle in relation to the body. This means every vagina is different! Does it feel full with two fingers, one, or three? If you’ve decided that you must, must, must get a vibrator, it’s good to know how big you want it. Your first vibrator should be a comfortable size for your vagina. If this is your first vibrator, exploring enough to find out what you want can be really exciting!  Keep in mind that there are a lot of buttons and whistles and bells– but something basic can be a great introduction.

Stimulation for women can be better achieved through the circumference (that’s the “width” for those of us not recently in geometry) of the vibrator, not the length. There are one-foot-plus vibrators out there: these are usually for professionals or shows. For your first vibrator, stay away. Many g-spot vibrators are made longer so that the curve of the toy hits the right spot (about two inches on the inside top of your vagina– belly side).  What kind pleasure you seek will greatly influence the type of vibrator you wish to try. My recommendation: do not try to use a glass vibrator for your first experience. Glass can be an acquired taste and is sometimes too smooth and hard for first-time users.

Generally, a first-time vibrator buyer would probably enjoy a starter kit: Including a small-to-medium sized vibrator with a very simple jelly design so that there is stimulation, but not too much. The jelly vibrator is probably the most comfortable available. Oh the other hand, are vibrators made of the hard, plastic or glass, these just may not be flexible enough. My first vibrator came with a bit of a pointed and less-rounded head so it was easier to insert and felt more comfortable to begin using. I highly recommend this. A less-blunt headed toy actually feels gentle to use; so the size is less scary and much easier to adjust to.

Many women, if not all women, must adjust to the feel of a vibrator or anything inserted into their vagina (remember the first time you used a tampon?). However, this does NOT mean that a vibrator should ever, and I mean E-V-E-R hurt. If the vibrator you purchased hurts, DO NOT USE IT. That is definitely not the point of purchasing such a toy. If you discover that your toy just doesn’t fit you, try to find out why. Is it too curved? Too big? Blunt? This will help you make future decisions. Last but not least, please remember that you must use lubrication. If there is not enough lubrication (natural, silicone, or water-based), a vibrator will never feel good.

Purchase lube specifically designed for your toy, and, most importantly, your body. There are unscented, hygienic water-based lubes for those sensitive to silicone and perfumes or dyes (if you’re buying lube that you want to use with a toy, make sure that it is compatible– some silicone lubes and silicone toys SHOULD NOT be mixed– know your toy). There are lubes that come in every flavor and aroma if you’d like to taste and smell what you’re using and feeling. Sometimes it’s great to smell fruity or like a chocolate chip cookie, or to lick frosting-flavored fingers after you orgasm. The more senses you build up and use to achieve orgasm, the more intense it may be. And, I’m assuming that, besides reaching an orgasm with the use of a vibrator, you’d also like to reach an even better orgasm, or at least an amazing orgasm, every time you use your toy.

Vibrators can be used clitorally as well as inside the body. And any time you play with your clit, please remember that lube is key. You cannot get enough lube! Either work yourself up really well so that you can naturally dip and lubricate your clit, or use a water- or silicone-based lube. Oils can cause infection and are very un-hygienic. So please, don’t use that butter or baby oil– your vagina will thank you many times over.

A vibrator can be lightly-to-roughly applied to the clitoris to cause hella-intense orgasms. Some women prefer a vibrator with a rabbit/clitoral stimulator built-in so that both g-spot and clitoral orgasms can be intensified or achieved at once. If you’re pretty used to playing with your clit, you may want to start with a regular, basic vibe because you can use it internally or externally. If you like to feel full when playing with your clit, a basic starter vibrator can do very well even without the rabbit/clit stimulator.

If you’re picking a vibrator for better g-spot stimulation, there are g-spot specific vibrators with a “crook” or bend in the neck/shaft of the toy. Some toys literally flop around and vibrate. There are also pearl-drivers (with beads inside the “neck” of the toy to cause more stimulation). I could really go on forever describing the thousands of different toys, but just know– there are toys created for your specific wants.

Reminder: all you have to do is ask. If you don’t know what you want, we can help you figure out what you may enjoy best.

The final helpful tip for the first-time vibrator buyer: Please, please, please, PLEASE do NOT pick your first vibrator by color. If you like pink or purple or aquamarine; that’s fine. Picking this type of pleasure toy by color is a huge mistake (but once you know what you like, you can start your orange dildo collection :).

You want something that will do the job, do the job well, do the job differently when you like, and won’t die or short-circuit after two uses. Come in to see what vibrators we recommend– remember, we have to make sure every one of those babies works before we put it in the store, so we usually know the intensity and feel of just about anything Va Va Voom has in-stock. We also tend to know what brands make the best, longest-lasting and better-quality toys (packaging is not always everything– and in this case, that’s the rule, not the exception). But of course, you want to know how it will work as well. If you’re curious, just ask! We can take the toy out of packaging for you and run the toy so you know how it will work.

Explore. Learn what you want. Then tell us how we can help. Good luck and have a humming good time! (Cheesy, I am aware).


Today’s sex toys give a new meaning to the traditional definition of “toy box”

Lets talk about sex baby! Ha ha had you going now didn’t I? Anyway, lets talk about sex toys… And, of course, because it is me writing this, we’ll talk about all my favorites!

The toy that is currently at the top of my list is actually a personal massager called “The New Pocket Rocket” by Doc Johnson. It is no more than 5 inches long and not meant for penetration… but this little thing is extremely powerful, not to mention very quiet. Its a great toy to use right before you are about to orgasm because of the power it has… it intensifies the big O like no other I have ever used. Now, on the down side, the rocket has only one speed and that’s fast. Of course, our bodies have many different speeds, so for other needs and other times I use other toys.

Number two on the list is actually a basic vibrator called “Sparkles Softee G.” It’s a slender vibrator that has three speeds, slow, medium and fast. I love this one because it has some texture to it, so if it’s used for penetration the soft nubs on the shaft of the vibrator feel great. In certain positions I’ve found the multiple speeds helps bring on an awesome orgasm. The other great thing about this particular vibrator is the control is at the bottom of the base – a button and not a dial. This makes for easier adjustment.

Now I am not sure if these next few items fall into the toy category, they are more aptly described as enhancements. However, I absolutely adore them and, they are very fun!

The first is a warming lube called, “Sin Sensations.” It comes in many great tasting flavors, and when I say great, I mean that the lube actually tastes like a jolly rancher with no icky after-taste. Awesome! It never gets sticky and, it is inexpensive! The first time I used it I found myself chasing my husband around the house… it works GREAT!

Next up is “Go Deep Oral Sex Mints.” They work wonderfully as well, numbing the back of the mouth / throat just enough so that if you are endowed with a super gag-reflex you can actually deep-throat comfortably. The product doesn’t numb completely, so you still get to feel… producing a great blowjob. You can also keep the mints in your mouth while giving a blowjob… when they cum, the refreshing, Altoid-like taste helps to mask the salty fluids.

Finally, my last favorite thing is called “Nympo’s Desire.” Its an enhancement cream for women… a good thing in general. And, all it takes is a little to the clitoris area and the blood starts rushing up, throbbing begins and WOW, you’re ready to rock and roll! Get ready for an exciting evening.

I regularly use and trust all of the products I have mentioned above. I love them all! Just remember, sex is meant to be fun. Do what works for you. Enjoy yourself, because, really, that is all that matters.


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